Zone/Motion Relay



 The PDA Zone relay allows you to fit any zone with a low cost occupancy detector.

Retrofit any fluorescent or LED zone into a money saving
occupancy based lighting zone.
Turn off the lights in unoccupied areas to save the maximum
amount of energy

The motion dimmer can save up to 80% of the electric power required to runs lights by turning them off if there is no occupancy.


The module has all the connections for an external sensor, including power, and the time is selectable. It is compatible with most manual and motion occupancy switches, which can be used in conjunction to maximize savings.

Turn any fluorescent or LED zone into a money saving
occupancy based dimming zone using a standard off the shelf motion detector.

 Drives up to ten fixtures

Selectable time: 5 - 40 minutes


For Fluorescent lights: Universal power supply: 120 or 277 V

No power supply required for LED fixtures

Sold separately or as kit including power supply
and motion detector.


Perfect for retrofit of large spaces:

 Make a dimming zone with existing fixtures:

Read this paper to learn how


Some sample wiring diagrams:


Use this method to make the delay different for different ballasts, thus making a "dimmer."


A single module can drive multiple motion sensor and multiple relays.



Everything goes into your existing fixtures.


These pictures show how easy it is to put a relay in an existing ballast or incandescent circuit.


The only way you can tell that this room dims based on occupancy is the motion detector in the ceiling.







White Paper:

Make a motion dimmer out of your existing non-dimmable fluorescent fixtures.



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